Viral TikTok Products: What Is The Pink Stuff?

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably seen The Pink Stuff all over TikTok. It seems like everyone is talking about this stuff, and for good reason! It’s a great cleaning product that can be used for a variety of things. So, what is the Pink Stuff?

what is the pink stuff? Does the Pink Stuff work?

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at The Pink Stuff to see if it really works as well as people say it does.


TikTok has become a huge social media phenomenon over the last few years. Millions of teens and young adults around the world use it to share funny memes, music clips, lip-sync videos, makeup tutorials, and (now) products that go above and beyond in making our lives better.

In this episode of Things TikTok Made Me Buy, we are going to be talking about The Pink Stuff? What is The Pink Stuff? Does the Pink Stuff REALLY work? Well, you’ll get the inside scoop in this Pink Stuff Review.

You’ve heard about the pink stuff, but now you want to see if it really works. Is it worth buying or should you stick to your old cleaning methods?

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Cleaning products are everywhere. From cleaning wipes to laundry detergent, they come in various forms and scents. Some claim to clean better than others, but are they really worth their price tag?

Like many other cleaning supplies, the Pink Stuff cleaner promises to remove stains and discolorations from many hard surfaces. Now, this seems terrific, but in the grand skim of things, it makes you wonder if this stain remover is really the miracle cleaning paste it claims to be.

If you’re like the 99% of humans, most of us don’t just go on a cleaning spree for fun. So it’s no surprise that this abrasive paste called The Pink Stuff has gotten everyone and their mother deep cleaning “all the things” and creating cleaning videos on TikTok with this sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) all-purpose cleaning paste.

You’ve most likely have seen The Pink Stuff making major waves on TikTok, Instagram, and all over the internet. We’ve seen people use it to remove everything from watermarks, grease, and grime for bathroom tiles, kitchen counter, and more. 

What is The Pink Stuff?

The Pink Stuff is a popular brand of cleaning product. The pink stuff comes in a variety of types, but the most popular type is the paste.

It contains sodium bicarbonate, which helps break down stains and cleans surfaces by removing them through mechanical action rather than chemical means. This paste is used to clean various surfaces. The paste is sticky and thick, making it easy to use.

The paste also cleans well and doesn’t leave streaks behind. The paste is very effective when cleaning vertical surfaces, such as walls, floors, kitchen stoves, and showers.

Ingredients In The Pink Stuff

Ingredients include Quartz, Aqua, Soap, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycerin, Parfum, Lauryl Amines Dipropylene Diamine, Acid Red, Dimethicone, and

Vegan. This detergent is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It is also vegan since it does not use any animal products or testing on animals.

It is also endorsed by the nature watch foundation which aims to end animal cruelty and advance animal rights standards.

How It Works

The Pink Stuff is exceptionally versatile so it can be made use of to clean a lot of surfaces in your house.

To clean something, simply apply a thin layer of the paste to the surface and rub it into the material using a sponge or rag. Rinse the area thoroughly, then wipe away any remaining residue.

How To Use The Pink Stuff

Need step-by-step directions? Here you go:

  1. Scoop a small amount of The Pink Stuff out of the tube using a cleaning fabric or a sponge.
  2. Spread the paste onto the surface that you wish to clean and afterward massage carefully in a round motion.
  3. Let the product sit for a number of minutes.
  4. Rinse your cleansing cloth or sponge and utilize it to remove the paste.
  5. Wash any remaining residue off with water to avoid whitish deposits that could be left behind.

Uses For The Pink Stuff

Bathroom Surfaces

The Pink Stuff can remove even the worst bathroom stains You can use it everywhere to clean your shower, tub, toilet, sinks. Removes soap scum and limescale. Safe to use on any tile, ceramic, glass or wood surface.

Kitchen Surfaces

The Pink Stuff can be used to clean a plethora of things in your kitchen. This product removes dirt and grime from sinks, stovetops, refrigerators, ovens, counters, cabinets, kitchen tables, etc. And it removes tough food stains from your pots, pans, dishes, and kitchenware.

Floors and Walls

Want your floors to shine/. Use the Pink Stuff to restore the beauty of your floors. This cleaning supply works great on laminate, ceramic tiles, and concrete floors. Use it on the skirting boards as well! The Pink Stuff also removes handprints and other stains from your walls.

Outdoor Surfaces

The Pink Stuff on pretty much any surface that can get dirty. From garage floors and concrete surfaces to windows, bbq grill, and more. Cleaning in and around your home never felt easier thanks to the Pink Stuff.

Where Can I buy The Pink Stuff?

The Pink Stuff is available from several retailers including:

  • Amazon US, Amazon Canada
  • Walmart US, Walmart Canada
  • BestBuy

 Which Pink Stuff Should You Get?

 The Pink Stuff is available in several different options. Although the paste is the viral option seen in most TikTok videos, the Pink Stuff also comes in:

Multi-Purpose Cleaner: The Pink Stuff Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a versatile multi-purpose spray cleaner for hard surfaces.

Bathroom Foam Spray: The Pink Stuff Bathroom Foam Cleaner will Make your bathroom sparkle. 

Cream Cleaner: The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream cleaner is a mild abrasive cream cleaner for hard surfaces.

Toilet Cleaner: The Pink Stuff is also available as a thick cleaning gel. Pour The Pink Stuff into the toilet bowl and scrub with a brush. The resulting sparkling foam will remove dirt and grime and will leave your toilet looking and smelling fresh and hygienically clean.

What should you not use the Pink Stuff on?

The Pink Stuff should not be used on acrylic, high-gloss surfaces, plastic, or highly polished stainless steel. Also, only use this product on surfaces that are not hot (or wait for the surface to cool down).

Is The Pink Stuff harmful?

No, this vegetable-based product is not helpful. The Pink Stuff is made with 99% natural ingredients like baking soda, soap, and quarts. That said, always test on a small inconspicuous area before first use.

How long should you leave The Pink Stuff on surfaces for?

For best results, we recommend leaving the Pink Stuff on surfaces, especially tough stains, for 10 minutes before wiping off.

Does the pink stuff clean ovens?

Oh yes! The Pink Stuff works wonders on greasy ovens. It’s perfect for removing tough, dried-on stains alike grease and grime.

Can you use the pink stuff on shoes?

Yes, some TikTokers have successfully used the Pink Stuff to remove stains and dirt from their tennis shoes, effectively transforming it into like-new condition.


The Pink Stuff is a revolutionary product that can be used in all areas of your household to remove dirt, grime, and stains.

The advantage of The Pink Stuff over other products on the market is its ability to clean without harsh chemicals or animal testing.

The versatility of this pink cleaning paste means you don’t have to worry about running out when trying to decide what area needs attention most urgently – it will work for everything from kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, floors, and walls, outdoor surfaces like garage floors and concrete structures as well as windows and bbq grill.

To conclude This Pink Stuff review that everyone is raving about all over the internet, particularly on TikTok, this product definitely leaves surfaces sparkling clean and fresh.

Although some might argue that this product is a miracle paste, we can’t disagree either. We love that the majority of the ingredients are natural and that i’s affordable, eco-friendly, and gets the job done.

And hey, it’s effective. It’s fun. And it’s pink! It’s time to unleash our inner cleaning queen vibes (thanks Mrs. Hinch).

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