TikTok Seasum Leggings; Makes Butt Bigger?

There’s a new product on the market that claims to make the butt look pretty bigger – Seasum leggings! If you’re like most women, you are always on the lookout for clothing that will make your butt look bigger. So, you’re probably asking, do they really work? And more importantly, are they worth the money? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Seasum leggings and find out if they’re worth buying.

In November 2020, a certain pair of leggings produced by a French firm Seasum and selling for $25.99 went viral overnight after receiving popularity on the social media platform TikTok through the hashtag #TikTokMademeBuyIt. The design, which featured a honeycomb-like texture and an indentation on the lower back that looked like a pulled-up thong, was praised for its comfort by consumers.

Can Seasum Leggings Really Make Your Butt Look Bigger?

Seasum leggings

The ability of these leggings to make everyone’s butt seem gorgeous is what truly sets them apart from the competition.

Lauren Wolfe, a TikToker with over 500,000 followers, stated that her “butt does not look like that” typically. The video has over 250,000 likes now. Since then, over 6 billion TikTok views, 60k reviews on Amazon, and “butt-lifting” dupes from other companies have been recorded. Even Lizzo is a fan. Imagine a pair of leggings that combine the comfort of activewear with the allure of shapewear and can intentionally separate your buttcheeks while still allowing everyone a butt made for its own reality TV show.

For months, consumers have been perplexed by the success of TikTok leggings, which appear to make regular butts turn into super butts. The creators of this product claim that it works because the fabric is a four-way stretch, which “conforms and contours to each stance and movement.” Is it really true?

Preeti Arya, textile expert and assistant professor of textile development and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, doesn’t believe it. The leggings in question are West Knitting, which is the most prevalent type of yarn technology used today because it allows the clothing to stretch even if the fabric does not include elastane. The term “mesh” is often associated with the word “legging,” and leggings are a type of tight-fitting pants made from this fabric. The term “special mesh textured cloth” was used on Seasum’s website to describe these leggings, which Arya claims may be “just a modification” of conventional west knitting that gives them a textured appearance, changing the legs’ form to make them appear fuller.

Seasum leggings

Although the company touts the “textured fabric” as one of the leggings’ primary features for “butt-lifting,” textile expert Preeti Gopinath states there’s no lifting going on. Instead, it’s all about the design, which draws attention to the wearer’s butt crack. It’s unusual to find leggings with ruching at the [back] seam, according to Gopinath, who is also director of Parsons The New School for Design’s masters of textiles design. In contrast to normal leggings, these inversion-specific, high-waisted leggings from Seasum feature an interesting design that draws fabric from the butt crack to create both cheeks, creating the appearance of a gigantic butt that’s stretched out through the legging’s cloth. The V-shaped waistline in the rear also exaggerates how far apart your cheeks are crunched. Arya refers to this version as “genius.”

The leggings are a high-waisted textured design that comes in every color imaginable, and TikTok users claim that they enhance your rear in a really appealing manner, making it appear bigger and fleshier while still giving you the ‘peachy’ appearance that everyone desires.

Where To Buy The Viral Tiktok Leggings?

Seasum leggings

Now, we all know the TikTok leggings are from Amazon, but there are many different leggings on Amazon! So, what do you put in to obtain these particular ones? The SEASUM Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Tummy Control Booty Lift Leggings have gone viral. That’s a mouthful, but the important information is “seasum,” “honeycomb” pattern, “high waist,” and “scrunch butt lift.”

These leggings are sold on Amazon across the world, but the price varies depending on where you live and what color you want. In the United Kingdom, they cost between £10.99 and £16.99, while in the US, they start at about $11.99 and go up to about $23.99. They’re one of the cheapest gym pants available on the market.

However, they are available in a variety of colors. The whiteish color that first became popular on TikTok has 26 distinct patterns. Neutral hues such as blacks and grays (which are constantly out of stock) exist, as do brighter pink and blue tints. Tie-dye designs are also available. You can buy them on Amazon in the UK and in the US here.

Is the Amazon Seasum Leggings a worthwhile investment?

Seasum leggings

For months, people have been obsessed with the Season Yoga Pants on TikTok, but what exactly makes them so great? Are they really the next big thing?

The honeycomb fabric and scrunch design are praised by TikTok users for being extremely flattering, lifting, and enhancing your butt. They have plenty of other features like sweat absorption, ultra-soft fabric, and a wide waistband so that you end up with juicy peach and a super cute scrunch. They are perfect for booty gains and even casual wear.

Plus, everyone assures me that these Seasum Yoga pants make them feel incredibly confident, which is exactly what someone looking for gym leggings wants. The viral leggings give women a streamlined look while ensuring maximum comfort and leading to super flattering cheeky buttocks.

Because so many individuals have purchased these geometric diamond textured leggings and posted reviews on TikTok, go to the app and watch one of those to see what other people think about these net-textured, super stretchy, free size booty leggings.

The famous leggings have got a ton of sizes and colors to choose from, so you may assume they’re worth the hype. You can find butt lift tights that will fit you perfectly and will accentuate your butt. These can be used as sports leggings, as gym shapewear tights, lifting yoga pants, workout running pants, and even as high-waisted workout leggings. They have very little weight and a ribbed texture that adds to the female yoga fitness experience.

But the only way to know for sure is to test it out for yourself. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has struck again!

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