Kiss Falscara Review: Easy DIY Lash Extensions

Do you want longer, fuller hair but don’t want to spend a fortune on extensions? Kiss Falscara may be the perfect solution for you! This new product from Kiss allows you to add length and volume to your hair in minutes, without having to go to a salon. Kiss Falscara is made of 100% human hair, so it looks natural and blends well with your own hair. In this review, we will show you how easy it is to use Kiss Falscara, and how it can help you achieve the look you desire.

Fortunately, a new method for applying for DIY lash extensions at home has arrived- and it’s incredibly simple to use, even if you have no prior experience. No, it doesn’t last as long as professional lash extensions – but the cost and simplicity of application make up for it!

Frequently Asked Questions | False Eyelashes

What is Kiss Falscara?

The name of the company comes from Kiss Falscara, a line of at-home DIY false eyelash extension solutions that use a glue-based bonding mascara to adhere small clusters of lash extensions to the undersides of your own lashes and then gently press them into place. You may follow up with another coat of sealing gel after they’ve set.

The bonding substance and the sealing product are both mascara-like in the application (the bonding gel is also black), so it’s really simple to use. You can remove the lashes using any oil-based makeup remover or purchase the Kiss Falscara removal kit.

In the case of a thin coat or a light coat of the sticky residue, the wispy wisps can easily be removed by gently tugging at them.

Kiss Falscara

Is Kiss Falscara safe harm-free?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Because you must apply the glue extremely near your eye before attaching the lashes to the base of your lashes rather than on top, it might appear to be a little frightening at first. But, it just works. The applicator gives you optimal control when putting on the amazingly natural eyelashes and they are also suitable for all day wear.

What is the staying time of Kiss Falscara?

The length of time your lashes will last after application will be determined by how you apply them and how well you care for them. The ordinary bonding solution makes no claims regarding the duration of time the lash extensions endure, but Kiss has just introduced an overnight bonding gel that promises to maintain your lash extensions for up to 10 days.

Is it possible to get a variety of at-home lash extensions?

Yes! There are three different sets of Lengthening, Volumizing, and Lifting. The thinnest and most natural of the three is the Lengthening (also known as Wisps 02), which is followed by the Lifting (also known as Wisps 01) with a little more oomph. The Volumizing

How do you use Kiss Falscara?

Place your new false lash over the top of the bonding adhesive and line it up with your natural lashes. Then, looking almost straight down, put a mirror just in front of your chin. Use the starter kit’s false lash applicator to grab a wisp near the center ends of your lashes and then place it below your lashes as close to the lash line as possible. If you have a hand free, use it to stretch out your eye by pulling up on the skin above it to make room for better placement.

Is it true that Kiss Falscara harms your natural lashes?

If you leave any substance on your natural lashes for too long, it will have a detrimental impact. Kiss Falscara, on the other hand, isn’t any more harmful to your lashes than salon-quality lash extensions. Furthermore, because the wisps are placed near your waterline, there’s no chance they’ll burden down your native eyelashes.

Is it possible to re-use Kiss Falscara Wisp?

Yes, they’re reusable. They can be used up to three times with proper maintenance if you clean and oil them before and after each usage.

Kiss Falscara Review

Appearance: 10/10

I prefer my lashes to appear natural when I have them done professionally, and I don’t frequently wear hybrids of Russians. To me, these look exactly like lash extensions that I get in the salon. I’m going with Falscara’s lightest and most “spare” wisp design, and you can clearly tell that I’m wearing lash extensions but they aren’t obvious. The Falscara also makes it easy for me to give my lashes a little bit of wing. In fact, it feels as if I’m waking up with the eyelashes of cartoon princesses.

Ease of use: 9/10

I’ll begin by stating that I’m terrible at applying false eyelashes and that I’ve never been able to do it on my own. I’ve always needed help from my friends when trying to apply them. These totally changed the game for me – maybe because the wisps are tiny and simple to manage, and the glue applies like a mascara.

Make sure you don’t use too much glue because your lashes will appear clumpy. As we previously stated, try to position a mirror beneath your face so that you’re looking down into it, and use your other hand to pull the skin and expand your eye if possible. I usually start by applying the adhesive mascara across all of my eyelashes before applying the wisps in a line with the applicator (which is an excellent tool – I would thoroughly endorse it).

The combination of long, medium and short lashes lends a natural DIY lash extension appearance to your eyes, but if you don’t use the short or only use the long ones, the end result will not appear unbalanced or strange. I usually work with just the long ones and apply them exclusively in my outer eye corner, and the effect is an almond-shaped eye that’s just right.

Kiss Falscara

Easy to remove: 6/10

I haven’t used the Kiss lash remover that is meant to be used with it, so I can’t comment on it. Furthermore, I use far too much bonding adhesive each time, resulting in the extra clean-up after the procedure. However, an oil-based cleanser does a good job of removing lashes and cleaning them before reusing them. Because the actual adhesive transforms into a highly sticky paste after a few days, you must be extremely cautious when rubbing your eyes or else you might lose lashes.


Kiss Falscara isn’t for everyone, and even die-hard lash extension enthusiasts may find it lacking. If you really want hybrids or Russians (and the 03 styles come close), Kiss Falscara may not pass inspection. The color, consistency, featherlight fibers, and length of the applicators are also dependent on your eye color. If you have blue eyes, then you can use any shade to make your lashes appear longer or more natural.

Individuals who desire a more natural appearance and don’t mind reapplying lashes on a regular basis may utilize these as a final touch to their makeup routine. For the price and simplicity of application, the Kiss Falscara is unquestionably number one. Begin with the starter kit to see if you enjoy it (you’ll also get the applicator). If you’re a fan, you can experiment with different designs and test the overnight bonding mascara or continue to apply bond separately and then top up with the mascara later.

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